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Department of Physics

The Department of Physics of Santipur College began functioning from 1951 with the then I.Sc course which later gave way to the graduation course in the late fifties. Over and above the graduation course, in 1973, the department introduced Honours course in Physics (affiliated to the University of Calcutta, but since 2000 affiliated to University of Kalyani ). This is the largest department of the college. The Department is well equipped with necessary facilities and resources for teaching and higher learning with a good teacher student ratio. At present there are 7 full time teachers and about 230 students [about 80 Honours students and about 150 students pursuing General Physics course.] There are separate laboratories for Honours and General students. The department has a separate computer lab with internet facility and a departmental library for Honours students. The staff of this department always caters to the academic needs of the students. Students of the department get a homely atmosphere and congenial environment for learning the subject. Regular extension activities like poster presentation, wall magazine preparation, seminar talks, elocution programmes, excursion, visit to premier institutes(like VECC, SINP, BIT, IISER etc) are arranged by the department. Students of the department have consistently performed well in university exams with a large number of students occupying first class. A large number of students, after obtaining their Honours degree from this department, progress vertically to enter into various universities to pursue Masters’ degree in Physics or B.Tech. Of them many are in service as school teacher, college lecturer as well as pursuing active research activity in research institutes of repute besides following other professions. As many as 30 of our students have been appointed as school teachers in the past 7-8 years. Several students of this department have qualified for various competitive examinations like SSC,JAM,JEST,NET,GATE,SET etc at different points of time. The teaching faculty consists of highly qualified teachers with some having international exposure with years of foreign stay, multiple foreign visits, publication in journals of international repute. Some have authored books. The departmental staff is highly supportive, caring and always takes considerate view on student matters. This is amply evident from the fact that in the last B.Sc Physics Honours examination (2014) out of 20 examinees 13 secured first class. Further 2 of our students , who did their Masters degree in University of Kalyani and Chennai IIT respectively , after graduating from Santipur college, have been selected as JRF to do Ph.D in VECC (Variable energy cyclotron centre), Kolkata and Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata respectively. The motto of the department is to inculcate a scientific fervor in the mind of students.

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1 Course_Materical_Physical Optics Download
3 Electrostatics 1 Download
4 Electrostatics 2 Download
5 Entropy Download
6 Matrix Methods in the Study of Geo Optics Download
7 The Compton Effect Download