Dr. Anita Gangopadhyay


Assistant Professor



Date of Joining

22 January 2004


B15/95 Kalyani; Nadia

Phone No.

+91 9433272553



Academic Qualification

M.Sc in Physics; Ph D

Area of Specialization


Courses Taught

B.Sc Physics(Hons and General)

Convener of Sub-Committee

Library Sub-Committee

Research Interest

Quantum Physics; Biophysics


1) Title with page No.: A Noisy Nutrient Induced Instability in Phytoplankton Blooms– by Tushar Kanti Dey, Anita Gangopadhyay, Gautam Gangopadhyay; pp 51-59
Journal: Journal of Current Research and Academic Review; Vol.3 number 1; January 2015
ISSN /ISBN No.:ISSN : 2347-3215

2) Title with page No.: How Quantum Computation Gates can be realized in terms of scattering theory approach to quantum tunneling of charge transport by Anita Gangopadhyay; pp 62
Journal: International Journal of Current Research and Academic Review; Vol.3 number 3; March 2015
ISSN /ISBN No.: ISSN : 2347-3215

3) Title with page No.: Kinetics and entropy production of force induced oligomeric enzyme catalysis in a single trajectory : effect of multiple substrate by Anita Gangopadhyay, B Das, K Banerjee, G Gangopadhyay ------ communicated
Journal: American Chemical Society

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